Maastricht investing in international sporting events

Gepubliceerd: 2-6-2017 15:22
Laatste update: 2-6-2017 16:29

Our city is digging deep and spending big on more major sporting events. There have been several thousands of euros reserved for some exciting competitions with international allure. We're talking about the Tour de France, the Amstel Gold Race, Jumping Indoor Maastricht and Ironman.

The largest sum, a whopping €525,000 is being invested in the organisation of a section of the Tour de France, provided that Maastricht will win it's bid to host such a major sporting event. The investment in the Amstel Gold Race has been increased to €50,000 and the same amount has been allocated to Jumping Indoor Maastricht. Ironman hasn't been left out, with €80,000 already set aside for the world-renowned triathlon.