RTV Maastricht nominated for Best Local Broadcaster of the Year

Gepubliceerd: 27-5-2017 05:39
Laatste update: 27-5-2017 06:48

Key factors for nomination including innovation and local visibility

Along with eight other Dutch news stations, RTV Maastricht has been nominated for the Best Local Broadcaster of the Year. The organisers Stichting Lokale Omroepen Nederland (Dutch Local Broadcasters Association) notes in particular that RTV Maastricht has chosen to move forward in a particular direction: fewer euros have been spent on achieving a more innovative approach, with increased use of new media. In addition, RTV Maastricht is becoming increasingly more visible in the city; for example, during Carnaval, broadcasting from the hospital, during Museumnacht and most recently live shows from the food truck festival. The top three will be announced in September, and the winner at an awards show shortly after.