Drivers parking for long periods no longer welcome in Boschpoort

Gepubliceerd: 19-5-2017 11:02
Laatste update: 19-5-2017 12:19

Parking permits and ticket machines are forecast for this central neighbourhood after the summer. It's been a problem for a while already in Boschpoort, tourists and employees who need to be in the centre of town for longer period and want to park their car in the residential streets.

Maastricht Council acknowledges the problem and in response is installing a parking system that will be a combination of paid parking and residential permit parking. All parking spaces in Boschpoort will then be on-street paid parking, with those permit holders allowed to park where they will. Once the system has been in place for a period of six months, a review will be made whether there has been any substantial impact on the situation. There won't be any new parking ticket machines required for this trial period, as the council has some older ones in reserve.