15,000 signed up for Tihange protest chain

Gepubliceerd: 15-5-2017 07:05
Laatste update: 15-5-2017 08:34

In the battle to close the nuclear power plant in Tihange, more than 15,000 people have already signed up for the human protest chain on Sunday 25 June. That's a quarter of the number of protesters required for the demonstration, organisers wanting 60,000 human links in the chain.

The human protest chain will run from Tihange, through Liege and Maastricht to Aachen. Local councils and parliamentarians have also signed up and invite others to join. These government representatives along with local residents will be challenging the safety of the nuclear power plant. The organisers are yet to fulfil all the safety regulations of the carrying out of such a demonstration. Today there will be discussions between the Minister for Infrastructure and Environment Schultz van Haegen and the representatives from the "Veiligheidsregio's" from Limburg, Brabant, Zeeland, Drenthe and Groningen (all provinces have nuclear power plants situation near their borders) about the safety of their residents.