New piece for Bonnefanten Museum

Gepubliceerd: 30-3-2017 06:34
Laatste update: 30-3-2017 07:43

The Friends of the Bonnefanten Museum Society has donated the sculpture "Mother and Child" by Edward Lipski to the museum. The museum also purchased the painting "Mystical Vandalism XXII" also by the same artist. These two works together make up an intriguing ensemble that makes a valuable contribution to the collection currently housed at the museum situated along the Maas.

The sculpture "Mother and Child" shows a figure with human features, which evokes association with a ritual object of worship. The work named "Mystical Vandalism XXII" deals with a similar theme, however here the artist used imagery that evokes association with earlier prehistoric petroglyphs (rock carvings) and contemporary graffiti.

The Friends of the Bonnefanten Museum supports the museum with a broad network of 350 members. In addition to their financial support, the society is actively involved in a range of activities within the museum and benefit from various perks that go along with it. The society has had access to acquisition funds since 2002.