President Rooseveltlaan closed to traffic from 9 April

Gepubliceerd: 27-3-2017 06:28
Laatste update: 27-3-2017 07:47

Traffic travelling from the south towards the north will be able to make full use of the Willem Alexander tunnel. It will then no longer be possible to reach Geusselt from Europaplein via President Rooseveltlaan.

The connecting roads from the Kennedybrug to the tunnel are complete, making the above ground access roads unnecessary. Avenue 2 project agency is going to close the roads to all traffic. Although the road is set for demolition, it will remain a works road for the construction of the Groene Loper.

Traffic travelling from the east to the west of the city can continue to make use of the crossing. The newly constructed roundabout at Europaplein will also be demolished once it has served its purpose to make way for the Groene Loper.