NL-Alert test on mobile devices at 12:00 today

Gepubliceerd: 2-12-2019 08:45
Laatste update: 2-12-2019 08:05

Today at approximately 12:00 noon, the Dutch government will send out an NL-Alert control message across the whole of the Netherlands. For those that have the NL-Alert settings switched on in their phones, they will receive the NL-Alert control message on their mobile device. NL-Alert can also be seen on increasingly across digital advertising screens and digital departure signs for buses, trams and metro in the Netherlands.

In the event of an incident or disaster in the area, the government can alert and inform us via NL-Alert. In addition to NL-Alert on your mobile devices, NL-Alert messages can be seen on increasing numbers of digital advertising pillars, departure signs at bus, tram and metro stops. An NL-Alert states what is happening in the event of an emergency, what we can do best and where we can find more information and updates. If you see an NL-Alert follow the instructions, inform others and help the people around you. That way they also know what to do.

The previous audit report, sent on 3 June 2019, was received by more than 11.7 million people aged 12 years and over (78%). Last June, the NL-Alert control message was shown for the first time on digital advertising screens. On most telephones, NL-Alert was set automatically. As soon as you receive an NL-Alert, your phone will emit a loud and penetrating alarm sound.

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