Survey in Germany shows support for ditching Christmas lights

9-12-2019 07:40

Germany's international broadcaster Deutsche Welle has reported figures on survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of Deutsche Presse-Agentur – DPA, where it transpires that a total of 57% of respondents said they would reduce Christmas lighting or even do without it in the future.

UM conducting research on short tempers

9-12-2019 07:20

Feelings of frustration, anger and irritation; we all suffer from it to a greater or lesser extent. It only becomes a problem if we lose our self-control very quickly in situations and sometimes even react aggressively to the people around us. We usually describe this quick propensity for angry or aggressive behaviour as a "short fuse". Maastricht University is conducting research into the treatment method of people with a short fuse.

Lightrun lighting up Maastricht on 11 December

8-12-2019 08:40

The organisers of the Groene Loper Run and IRONMAN are launching the first ever Lightrun in Maastricht at 19:00 on 11 December. This five-kilometre sports run starts from Winter Wonderland on the Vrijthof and then makes its way through the city centre.

Valuable traditional Maastricht commemorative plates on show in Centre Céramique

8-12-2019 08:30

Centre Céramique is in the middle of significant renovations, however they still want to provide some interesting exhibitions for visitors. A new collection of commemorative places is on show in the vitrine in the main hall.

Pop-up Atilier Europa

7-12-2019 08:40

There's another two days to check out the glass house in the Mosae Forum, in which 10 young European fashion designers want to show visitors how fashion shapes and influences Europe.

Yuppie apartments in Sphinxkwartier

7-12-2019 08:30

The concept dates back to the 1980s, but they still exist: young urban professionals, or the yuppies – new graduates or young starters on the labour market. There are now 151 homes in the Sphinxkwartier project directly aimed at this group in our society.

Second year of Maastricht Europe Days kicks off in Maastricht

6-12-2019 15:20

What exactly does Europe mean? What does the future of the continent look like? Clarity should be provided on these questions during the Maastricht Europe Days up to and including Sunday, organised by Studio Europa Maastricht. Residents, policy makers, scientists, journalists and culture makers meet at a total of 25 events and activities throughout the city.

Millions in grant funding for breast reconstruction research

6-12-2019 13:50

Maastricht UMC + is taking the lead in the research into the effectiveness and safety of lipomodelling, a reconstruction technique that is applied to the breast after breast cancer.

Holiday on Ice in Maastricht in 2020

6-12-2019 11:40

Holiday On Ice will return to the Netherlands after four years at the end of 2020. Maastricht is one of the four cities that will host the show. The new, multi-year European tour of ice dance show is called "Supernova – Journey to the stars" and started in Germany last week.

Music groups in Valkenburg not satisfied with Kumulus courses

6-12-2019 09:30

According to De Limburger, music groups in Valkenburg are to receive € 50,000 from Gemeente Valkenburg and are planning to arrange their own teachers to educate young talents in Valkenburg.